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MEET Adam J. carswell

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Adam J. Carswell is a Real Estate Entrepreneur, and Podcaster. 

He is a LinkedIn Power-Networker, and New Media Marketing Maverick.


Adam’s expertise in communication sets him apart from the crowd.


He is the Co-Founder of RaiseMasters, the #1 Mastermind for Elite Capital Raisers. 


Adam earned the moniker “The Voice of Liberty" as the Master of Ceremonies at Liberland national events, and hosts the nation’s podcast; the Liberland Show.


He is also a cryptocurrency pioneer, and the Co-Host of the Blockchain Real Estate Summit.


Over the years, Adam has interviewed world leaders such as Grant and Elena Cardone, Doug Casey, Roger Ver, and G. Edward Griffin.


Adam is a former semi-pro basketball player, and was inducted into the hall of fame at his alma mater for his accomplishments on the court as well as on the track. 


PS - In his spare time he is training to become a world class DJ.

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