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Welcome to Dream Chasers: Interviews with the Future. On Dream Chasers, we bring next level talent to the light.

Dream Chasers first aired in 2017 when Host, Adam Carswell, interviewed his good friend, DJ and music producer, Ron "Sulli" Sullivan.

From then until March 2020, Dream Chasers released 100 episodes, completing Season 1. Carswell then took a two month hiatus to innovate and reevaluate the show for an electric Season 2.

Dream Chasers is currently in the midst of Season 2. Listeners will notice a significant difference in the interview style and flow of the show compared to the first 100 episodes.

The driving inspiration behind Dream Chasers is to create a platform that allows the individual being interviewed to become an absolute rockstar (if they aren’t one already!)

Adam loves to make those around him feel better than ever before, and that is why he is so passionate about hosting Dream Chasers. He has witnessed the impact that it can make in one's life, especially in regards to confidence in what they speak about on the show.

On Dream Chasers, we believe that every one of our episodes are remarkably unique, and that you'll simply never find another podcast that flows with the same essence.

Thank you for supporting Dream Chasers, and as we like to say around here, let's keep taking it to the next level!

abouT the host

Adam J. Carswell is a real estate entrepreneur and podcaster.

Adam is a LinkedIn Power-Networker and New Media Marketing Maverick. His expertise in social marketing and network management set him apart from the crowd. Adam is also a co-founder of the Next Level Mastermind.

Adam earned the moniker “The Voice of Liberty” as the Master of Ceremonies for Liberland and host of the nation’s podcast, the Liberland Show. Adam moderates the Chicago Blockchain Real Estate Collective meetup, which is a trendsetting network paving the future of blockchain technology in the world of real estate.

Over the years, Adam has interviewed world and industry pioneers such as Doug Casey, Roger Ver, Jeff Berwick, ​and ​G. Edward Griffin​.​


Adam currently resides in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada and has previously resided in Silicon Valley of California, Washington D.C., Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Belize.


what do people say about the show?

Olga Kirshenbaum.png

"Adam is a great interviewer, each episode is full of information and insightful tips with a sprinkle of fun. I always walk away from each episode inspired."


 Olga Kirshenbaum

Money Whisperer | Financial Literacy Advocate | Owner

Rags to Riches Consulting

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